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SOGOAL Company – guarantees a profitable investment in Real-Estate in Turkey for you and for your family, as well as assists in obtaining citizenship in order to enjoy all the rights in Turkey, starting with a meeting and escort from the airport.

SOGOAL investment programs:

● Information and advice on Real-Estate and citizenship in Turkey;
● Profitable international investment in real estate starting from 200,000 TL;
● Providing a chance to obtain Turkish citizenship and passport;
● Possibility of safe and permanent residence of the investor and his family in Turkey;
● Ability to open a bank account and create a company in Turkey.

SOGOAL Real-Estate Consulting Company in Turkey is a leader in providing services to foreign investors. Hurry up to realize your dream of living and working in the city of your dreams with SOGOAL!
SOGOAL meets its clients at the airport and helps in choosing the property you are looking for, negotiates with its real value and its reliable team accompanies you until you get the Documents of the property.
In addition, when buying a property in the amount of $ 250,000, our company provides consulting services and solves all the necessary issues until you receive the Turkish passport.
İf you need a property in Turkey just contact us.

SOGOAL – is trust!